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Monument Signs

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Monument signage refers to large, often freestanding structures that typically display the name, logo, or other identifying information of a business, organization, or institution. These signs are commonly placed at the entrance of a property, such as a corporate office, shopping center, residential community, or educational campus. They are designed to make a strong visual statement and serve as a landmark or focal point for the location they represent.
Here are some key aspects of monument signage:

  • Visibility: Monument signs are typically large and positioned at eye level, making them highly visible to pedestrians and motorists passing by.
  • Branding: They serve as a powerful branding tool, displaying the name, logo, or branding elements of the business or organization they represent, helping to reinforce brand identity and recognition.
  • Aesthetics: Monument signs are often custom-designed to complement the architecture and aesthetics of the surrounding environment. They can be made from various materials such as stone, brick, concrete, metal, or high-density foam, and may incorporate decorative elements such as architectural accents, landscaping, or lighting to enhance their visual appeal.
  • Durability: Since monument signs are typically installed outdoors, they need to be durable and weather-resistant to withstand exposure to the elements. Quality construction and materials are essential to ensure longevity and minimize maintenance requirements.
  • Informational: In addition to branding, monument signs may also include practical information such as address numbers, directional arrows, or maps to help visitors navigate the property.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Depending on local regulations and zoning ordinances, there may be specific requirements regarding the size, height, design, and placement of monument signs. It's important to ensure compliance with these regulations when planning and installing monument signage.

Overall, monument signage serves as a prominent and permanent wayfinding and branding element for businesses, organizations, and properties, helping to create a positive first impression and establish a strong presence within the community.

People Also Ask

Why are monument signs important?

Monument signs are a great way to help visitors and customers find their way. They're also an opportunity for marketing, branding, and creating a memorable first impression.

What materials are monument signs?

Monument signs can be made from concrete and hardscape materials, metal cabinets with routed lettering and backlighting, armored foam with stucco finish and dimensional letters, and acrylic faced sign cabinets with digitally printed signage.

How do you light a monument sign?

You can light your monument sign with internal LEDs to shine through the acrylic face, or externally with landscape lights to produce a broad spotlight onto your sign.

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