Correx Boards

Correx Boards

Correx Boards are ideal as Temporary outdoor advertising boards.Correx is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and are great for property , trade show, corporate events, conferences, point of sale etc.

Correx is a lightweight, weatherproof corrugated polypropylene board. It is waterproof, hard wearing, affordable and ideal for limited indoor or outdoor events. Correx is durable , and made of a plastic material , know as Polypropylene, or fluted board. We sell them in 3mm or 4mm and 450 gsm . It is inexpensive, very light, durable and extremely long-lasting.

Our Full Colour Printed Correx Boards are ideal for: Short Term Advertising and or Signage. Estate Agent Boards. Event Boards. Wayfinding Boards. Custom branded Correx Board printing is one-stop weather-proof solution to temporary signage

Correx boards are lightweight and portable. They can be written on with chalk, pen or water soluble marker and they come in a range of sizes. Correx boards are perfect for schools, exhibitions, events or anywhere you need to write on a surface.

What Are Correx Boards?

Correx boards are a type of sign that is made from corrugated plastic. They are typically used to display messages and announcements.

The boards are usually made out of a thin sheet of corrugated plastic. The plastic is then folded in half and the two ends glued together. The result is a lightweight, durable, and waterproof sign that can be hung on a wall or placed on the floor.

Correx boards are often used as an alternative to paper posters because they are more durable and easier to transport than paper posters. They can also be reused by simply printing new messages on them.

A common use for correx boards is for displaying messages about safety in public spaces like schools, hospitals, factories, or construction sites.