Banner Stands

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Banner Stands

A popular and widely used portable way to display your brand’s message, banner stands travel light and support your presentation banners. Versatile, vertical banners can make huge impressions on easy to set up retractable and tension pole stands and non-retractable vertical banner frames. Priced to fit into your marketing budget, Signshoponline's banner stands can be as simple as a flex frame or as involved as a series of stands placed together to create a visual impact of a branded background in trade show booths. An ideal solution for many occasions, vertical banners work seamlessly for:

  • Sporting event promotions.
  • Retail store sales.
  • On-stage presentations.
  • Promoting upcoming productions at theaters.
  • Advertising special events at restaurants.
  • Directing guests at resorts.
  • Background for photo ops with guest speakers.

Banner Stands

Banner stands in many different configurations create a dynamic setting at trade shows and conventions. With a quick turnaraound, Signarama can design interlocking multi-unit banner stand kits or other banner displays and accessories needed create a show-stopping backdrop and draw show attendees to your booth. Easy to set up and easy to dismantle, banner stand kits usually consist of several retractable banner stands, in conjunction with non-retractable vertical banner displays. Making the most out of your display, case to counter conversion kits leave no surface unbranded. Adding a 3D element to your display, a horizontal graphic banner turns your equipment case into a podium to give your booth a polished and professional focal point.

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