Menu Boards

Menu Boards

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When you arrive at a restaurant or cafe, the last thing you want is to spend too much time looking for a menu. For hungry customers, a menu board can make or break their decision to order at your store. Menu boards offer immediacy and choice while subtly reinforcing your brand. Easy to update and useful for upselling, these amazing boards are an alternative to printed menus in restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs.

A restaurant menu board is a visual presentation of dishes available for purchase. These boards are often found near the entrance of the restaurant or inside near the cashier. Some restaurants use chalkboards, menus that are printed on paper, or tablets for their menus.

Menu boards are an important component of any restaurant because it is how people find out what is available to eat.

What is a menu board?

A menu board is a board with pictures of different dishes and descriptions. It can be hung on the wall or set up as free standing

A lot of restaurants use menus because it makes it easier for customers to see what kind of food is offered and make a choice. The menu board displays the items that can be ordered from the restaurant, but not all menu boards are made out of paper. For example, some have pictures that have been enlarged and put on a large board.

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Menu Boards

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