Blade Signs

Blade Signs

A lot of brick-and-mortar businesses rely heavily on foot traffic. The more you drive customers to your space, the more you can increase sales and profit.

The right signs can make a difference in increasing your visibility. Custom blade signs, in particular, are the perfect partner in getting the attention of incoming foot traffic.

What is a Blade Sign?

These are a type of projecting sign usually mounted on your store or building’s façade. They are usually positioned facing the direction of incoming foot traffic. Blades are either mounted at a certain height on the wall or hung from the ceiling of your storefront.

The elevated height and position make these signs visible to anyone passing by. Even from afar, your signs can be noticed and read by your target audience.

These projecting signs are also highly customizable. This allows you to display your business name and logo on your sign.

Types of Blade Signs

We offer a wide range of sign options for your business needs. Our team will guide you through choosing the best choices for your brand, as well as the cost of blade signs. For starters, here are examples of the types we offer:

  • Vertical Blade Signs
  • Double-Sided Blade Signs
  • Round Blade Signs
  • Swinging Blade Signs
  • Illuminated Blade Signs

We also have a variety of materials available to make your signage shine. If you need blade signage for outdoor use, we have durable materials like acrylic, aluminum, and metal. These are ideal for withstanding inclement African weather.

Uses of Blade Signs

Interior Blade Signs

These are popular as wayfinding signs. Since they are elevated, it makes it easier for customers to see your signs. This is ideal for helping customers navigate your store or office department more easily. Mounted on the wall or hung from the ceiling, they point people towards key areas like:

  • Emergency exits
  • Restrooms
  • Elevators and stairwells

Outdoor Blade Signs

These are the best signs to use when you want to get noticed by people passing by your establishment. They are perfect for building your property’s presence and giving a name to your business.

Blade signage can also be used as an effective wayfinding tool. Since they are elevated, customers will have an easier time finding your space. Even in a crowded area, you are visible even from afar. For this reason, stores in malls and shopping centers add these signs to their storefront.

Because they can be customized, blade signs for retail can provide a full brand experience to customers the moment it is seen. They display your business name and logo, giving customers a better idea of who and what your business is.