Commercial Signs

Commercial Signs

Having the right signs is crucial for your business’s success. These are your silent partners, helping you build a positive business perception. They act as both your customer service and sales representative.

Since every business has unique needs, we will work with you to find the right custom sign based on your location, brand personality, and budget. Your business also has the option to customize your sign’s size, style, font, color, and placement.

Types of Commercial Signs

Business signs are often the first point of contact customers have with your business. Choosing the right one is key to making a great first impression. Not sure where to start? Here are basic options for your business in Gauteng:

Wall Signs:Wall signs are one of the most common types of building signs for a good reason. We can customize a wall sign to complement your other signs and strengthen the brand identity you already have. We custom craft wall signs, so you know yours will be as unique as your business.

Outdoor Commercial Signs

Outdoor signs are how you can introduce your business to your local community. These also make it easy for customers to locate your space. Since these are found outside, it is crucial to choose hard-wearing materials for your signs. Some fantastic weather-proof options include:

  • Acrylic Signs
  • HDU Signs
  • Pylon Signs
  • Monument Signs
  • Channel Letters

Indoor Commercial Signs

Once customers locate your business and are encouraged to go in, it’s your indoor signs’ turn to work. These signs help create the overall customer experience. Some basic indoor signs include:

  • Reception Signs
  • Wayfinding Signs
  • ADA Signs
  • Wall Murals and Graphics

How Does Commercial Signage Benefit Your Business?

One of the concerns of business owners is spending on the cost of commercial signs. It can be a significant investment. However, a successful sign system can bring plenty of benefits to your business.

Build brand awareness.Statistics show that 81% of customers buy from brands that they trust. To build customer’s trust, they first must be aware of your brand. Custom commercial signsare a great way to let customers know who and what your brand is about. The colors, graphics, and message you choose help build your brand.

Increase visibility.8 out of 10 customers have visited a business for the first time just because of seeing its signs. This shows how important signs are. Commercial building signsmake you more visible to your target audience.

Promote a positive customer experience.Signs can help you create smoother, more organized business operations. Wayfinding signs, for example, make it easy for customers to navigate your space without the need to ask. ADA Signs, on the other hand, allows your business to be more accessible to all types of customers.