Mae West Lightboxes

Mae West Lightboxes

Signshoponline is a company that specializes in Mae West light boxes.

Mae West Lightboxes are a type of lightbox that are used to display photos, art, and posters. They are also used to display advertisements. These light boxes are made of high quality acrylic and come with a long-lasting LED light source. They are available in various sizes and shapes, which can be customized according to the customer’s needs.

The lightboxes were first developed by the company Lumilor in 2014. They were invented because of the need for a better way to advertise products in store windows. The original design was for a static image that would be illuminated from behind with LEDs.

The Lumilor team eventually decided to make it dynamic by adding an LED panel on the front of the lightbox which can be programmed with any content or graphics desired by the customer. This new design led to many different use cases for Mae West Lightboxes including restaurants, retail stores, and photo studios.

Lightbox signs are a type of sign that uses an LED display to project text, images, and video onto a surface. They are commonly used in retail stores to promote sales and specials. Lightboxes can be used for advertising, marketing or as an information board for the public. They are also often used to display the name of the business or organization that they represent. Some lightboxes can even be customized with different colors and graphics to match the theme of the company they're representing